Hufeland Klinik: German cancer clinic for holistic and alternative cancer treatment

Our holistic immunotherapy

The HUFELAND Clinic is a German cancer clinic for complementary oncological cancer treatments. We treat cancer patients in all stages of their disease, with the exception of acute leukemia.

As experience with thousands of cancer cases has shown, sustainable therapy success becomes much more probable by the simultaneous use of cytoreductive therapies (such as reduced-dose chemotherapy, hyperthermia, hormone therapy, etc.) along with resource-saving treatments that protect the system and its organs. These treatments help to maintain and strengthen the body’s immune system, especially during and after chemotherapy, antibody therapy or radiation.

Good practices of holistic, complementary biological cancer treatment include active hyperthermia, whole-body hyperthermia, thymus therapy, mistletoe therapies, and the use of natural immune modulators. In contrast to conventional oncological immunotherapy, which attempts to slow the growth of cancer cells by blocking individual signaling pathways, biological immunomodulation unspecifically activates the entire system, promoting self-healing through repair and regeneration of the cells.

Regenerative therapies for activating the self-healing powers have a long tradition in Germany and have recently been increasingly investigated scientifically.

Patients currently experiencing complete remission of their cancer will find in our cancer clinic in Germany their ideal cancer treatment to reduce their individual risk of recurrence. It can be done as an alternative or in addition to conventional adjuvant therapy concepts. Generally, this requires a three to four-week inpatient stay at our cancer clinic.

Patients in advanced stages of their cancer require in addition to the supportive treatment in parallel a therapy of existing metastases. Here we often put u. a. Dosage-modified chemotherapy successfully combined with hyperthermia. The duration of their stay in our German cancer clinic should ideally be about six weeks.

Our concept implies that a number of chronic and especially malignant diseases come into being above all if the body’s endogenous environment is changed negatively by various factors, for instance, by hereditary factors, chronic infections, unhealthy eating habits, mental conflicts, detrimental ways of thinking, physical and chemical influences and so on. This disturbance of the body’s environment is combined with a complex disturbance of regulatory and resistance mechanisms by which complete organ systems are weakened, especially the immune system which is responsible for the resistance against diseases.


The holistic immunobiological therapy

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The Theory
I. Biological Therapy
II. Immunotherapy
III. Diet and nutrition
IV. Psychotherapy
V. Conventional therapy

On the physical level
The three main aims of the immune-biological treatment are therefore

  • Detoxification

  • Regeneration and

  • Activation of endogenous resistance.

On the emotional level
The patients learn how to cope with with any negative feelings, (such as, fear, worries, grief, guilt, impatience, anger or rage), by accepting them and putting the energy contained in them to good use in a way which is meaningful and constructive for the intended healing process.