The holistic immunobiological therapy

Our concept implies that a number of chronic and especially malignant diseases come into being above all if the body’s endogenous environment is changed negatively by various factors, for instance, by hereditary factors, chronic infections, unhealthy eating habits, mental conflicts, detrimental ways of thinking, physical and chemical influences and so on. This disturbance of the body’s environment is combined with a complex disturbance of regulatory and resistance mechanisms by which complete organ systems are weakened, especially the immune system which is responsible for the resistance against diseases.


On the physical level
The three main aims of the immune-biological treatment are therefore

  • Detoxification

  • Regeneration and

  • Activation of endogenous resistance.

On the emotional level
The patients learn how to cope with with any negative feelings, (such as, fear, worries, grief, guilt, impatience, anger or rage), by accepting them and putting the energy contained in them to good use in a way which is meaningful and constructive for the intended healing process.