Malignant diseases present the greatest challenge for both patients and the physicians/therapists who treat them today. Conventional cancer medicine, known as oncology, is still almost exclusively attuned to the destruction or repression of cancer cells and only offers the classical treatment options: surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and, for a few isolated forms of cancer, hormone therapy. Chemotherapy and radiation in particular often cause side effects that can greatly reduce the quality of life. They also destroy the body’s self-healing powers over the long term, worsening the prognosis.

Naturopathic methods to preserve and strengthen a patient’s resources are often dismissed as not being scientifically proven effective and unnecessary by evidence based medicine (EBM) despite the fact that they have been shown effective over years of use. This dismissive attitude is the result of the one-sidedness with which conventional medicine focuses on disease and dysfunctions. It has consistently ignored the resources, defences and self-healing powers that could restore balance inside every individual.

We provide primarily nonspecific forms of treatment. This means that a specific symptom of a disease or cancer tumour is not the focal point of our approach. Instead, we focus on reactivating the patient’s self-healing powers, which can lead to spontaneous remission even in late stage cancer patients. These nonspecific treatment regimens can be roughly arranged under the key words: Detoxification – Metabolic Optimization – Regeneration. All are targeted at creating the necessary conditions in the patient’s body that make self-healing possible.

Our clinic focuses on the treatment of patients with malignant diseases of all levels of severity, including the treatment of malignant brain tumours and blood diseases (with the exception of acute leukaemia).

Our key objective is finding the optimal treatment method and providing the right counseling for each individual patient. It is our goal to create a synergy between scientific medicine and alternative medicine – a very effective mix. We consider each case to be unique, and seek a combination of treatment methods – conventional and unconventional alike – that is best suited to helping the patient.

We can use these methods to help patients who want to strengthen their immune systems before an operation as well. Immunotherapy is also indicated if a malignant tumour has already been radically removed, since there is always a danger of new tumours or metastases.

If a tumour has already metastasised, a combination of different treatment methods can open up new treatment possibilities when the use of just one or the other has failed.

The length of treatment depends on the type and severity of the illness. Treatment prior to an operation or after care, for example, generally lasts two to six weeks. For critical diseases two to six months may be necessary, depending on the patient’s response and general condition.