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“Prevention is better than cure.”
Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland

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Present situation

Thorough analysis of the situation in the field of cancer therapy shows that dissatisfaction with the range of treatments offered by orthodox medicine has grown among patients and many of the doctors treating them. More and more patients reject the aggressive forms of therapy used by orthodox medicine and seek treatment by natural, biological methods. Many doctors, especially those responsible for the continued care of patients after their discharge from hospital, have overcome their initial skepticism and include such biological methods in their therapeutic repertoire once they have recognized that these methods can be helpful in situations where scientifically orientated medicine is forced to give up the struggle. Orthodox medicine rejects empirical methods; it will only accept proven rules of scientific study which it recognizes. This has resulted in the setting up of two camps which, to my mind, are wrongly engaged in a bitter battle.

The reductionist approach of orthodox medicine is undoubtedly useful and valuable and has made huge advances which would have been inconceivable a hundred years ago. However, it has its limitations, especially when a disease is caused by complex phenomena. lt continues to be a tenet of orthodox medicine that we would be able to understand these complex phenomena if we reduced them to their basic building blocks and searched for the mechanism that enables those building blocks to interact. In relation to cancer this means continuing to search for the agent that transforms a normal cell into a cancerous cell, but the more one searches, the more confusing the diversity of information gained becomes.

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