As Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland once said:
“Prevention is better than cure.”

Today, most people have considered what they can do as individuals to improve their chances of remaining healthy. This issue may have been brought to their attention by the sudden disease of a loved one, or by their own personal experience. Preventative check-ups are often the first thing that comes to mind, and they are important. But the results of a check-up can only tell us about the presence of specific diseases that may not yet be visible. They provide no real information about the general state of health, the body’s resources and the range of action we can take to stay in balance.

Physicians are specialists trained to recognise and treat disease. To this day, evidence based medicine (EBM) looks almost exclusively at the already existing damage to a patient’s health. But true prevention must start much earlier.

We recommend preventative, intensive Immunotherapy to patients with an increased history of cancer in their families, or if a number of benign tumours have been found.

Unlike pure wellness programmes or “anti-aging” therapies, we offer a holistic concept to everyone and anyone looking to comprehensively improve their health and rejuvenate their bodies. Our years of experience have proven its effectiveness.