Here at the Hufeland clinic, we see each person as a whole, as the unity of body and soul. This is why our programme of competent, future-oriented medical treatment is complemented by a wide range of physical therapy options, psychotherapy and art therapy. Our staff has to cooperate closely to make this programme effective. This is one of the advantages of a small clinic, where the different departments are close to each other, and the work of each and every individual is important and appreciated. Let us introduce our team.


The Hufeland Klinik was founded by Dr. Wolfgang Woeppel and his wife Gabriele in 1985, and is still run as a small family business today. Following Dr. Woeppel’s death in July 2006, Gabriele Woeppel and her daughter Angelika have run the clinic.

They are dedicated to continuing to operate the clinic as Dr. Woeppel would have wanted.

Gabriele Wöppel
Gabriele WöppelManagement
Angelika Wöppel
Angelika WöppelManagement