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“Holistic Immuno-Biological Therapy”

Recently, “immune therapy” has been described and offered in various ways by different sources in conventional medicine which differs fundamentally from our holistic immuno-biological therapy. The new pharmaceutical substances released by conventional medicine attempt to modify the immune system of the patient and try to interfere in and change the immune cells’ response to cancer cells. Their approach is supported by the idea of an “individual” targeted therapy. The given theory is that the patient’s immune response “against cancer cells” could be activated by changing the interaction of specific immune cells with tissue cells. The new “tailored” molecules are promising fewer side effects than former therapeutical substances. However, as the already published studies show, they seem to suffer from the same critical disadvantages as the older conventional approaches: severe side effects cannot be excluded, only 25 to 35% of the patients respond to this therapy, and the overall benefit is restricted to a few more weeks of median survival rate. With their damaging side effects, they may compromise and weaken the whole system even more which frequently leads to an instant relapse of tumors within a short period of time. Last but not least, the cost for these new drugs often exceeds €5000-€8000 ($5600-$8960) per month.

These conventional therapies are missing a very important component – the inherent healing power of the human body. In alternative medicine, the abbreviated term “immune therapy” stands for an unspecific activation of the immune system that improves and regenerates the power of the patient’s “self-healing mechanisms”. Initially, this may seem like an out-dated cliché. Yet, our lives depend on the permanently self-generating and self-healing activities of our bodies. To date, the precise details and mechanisms of healing have not been investigated and studied by conventional medicine.

Physical, emotional and mental stress and trauma, the excessive use of toxins, environmental pollution, inadequate nutrition, and the side effects of conventional medication can seriously weaken the individual self-healing system, especially the immune system, thus inviting many diseases like cancer to develop in such a debilitated environment.

Our “immune therapy” at Hufeland Klinik is meant as a PRO therapy instead of a CON approach. It is, therefore, properly labeled, “Holistic Immuno-Biological Therapy”. The main target is to support the organism to reverse the cancer-friendly environment that has contributed to the disease. Initially, this is accomplished by detoxification – cleansing the body of toxins that weaken the immune system. The second component of the biological therapy is nutrition. Nutrition must go well beyond the norm to eradicate deficiencies and restore health and strength to a damaged immune system. Infusions of high-quality supplements, as well as oral supplementation and top-quality food, accomplish this goal. Hereafter, with its newly restored strength, the body’s own immune system can be nudged back to do its job. Depending on the needs of the patient, treatments, such as homeopathic injections, fever therapy, and whole body hyperthermia, encourage the body to do what it was designed to do–fight disease by finding its way back to a whole -body balance.

Any immune therapy program that does not include this preliminary biological restoration of a strong and balanced physical environment is doomed to fail. It is like forcing a man with a broken leg to run. Clearly, when mind, body, and soul must heal – it will take time. When given what it needs, the human body again and again will show what it is – just a miracle that can tap into the field of infinite possibilities!

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