Hyperthermia in cancer treatment


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Therapy Concept

Immune system, Regeneration, Detoxification

Healthy harmony

Holistic immunobiological therapy in the treatment of cancer and chronic diseases at the Hufeland Clinic in Bad Mergentheim.


Body, mind, and soul are directly connected and form a harmonious whole. This is what many people feel and what latest science proves; these are the principles we have been following here at Hufeland Clinic since 1985. Therefore, we do not simply reduce chronic diseases – even serious diseases like cancer – to then physical effects on your organs or body, but in both prevention and therapy integrate the patient's feelings and thoughts with then treatment.


Support the immune system; don't destroy! This is the maxim of our founder, Dr. med. Wolfgang Woeppel. An infinitely valid principle of a gentle, holistic therapy. We use this therapy to strenghten the body's defence and healing powers and have already achieved amazing success where other methods have long failed.

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